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Basic Rules

Birkat Ha'peyrot (Berachot on Fruits)

  • On all fruits, you should say borey pri ha'etz, except on wine for which you say borey pri ha'gefen.
    • If there is a mixture of wine and other liquids, the beracha depends on the majority.

  • On grapes that are still unripe, you should say borey pri ha'adama. If they are so unripe as to be barely edible, no beracha at all should be said. For all other fruits, even if it's still unripe you can say ha'etz.

  • On seeds from watermelon or melons, you should say she'hakol.

  • On all fruit juices one should say she'hakol, except for grape juice and olive oil. This applies even if the juice contain pieces of the fruit itself. The beracha for grape juice is ha'gefen*. For olive oil it's ha'etz, as long as it it dilutedso that it is not dangerously unhealthy, and yet you still enjoy the oil.

  • Fruit that is fried or cooked retains its origina beracha, unless it has been cooked to the point that it dissolves and becomes a liquid, in which case the appropriate beracha is she'hakol.

For which the beracha would be ha'gefen. There is a debate whether the proper beracha for cooked grape juice is ha'gefen or shehakol, and whether it can be used for kidush. The Shulchan Aruch (S"A) says that you should say ha'gefen and it can be used for kidush. However, the Rambam and Rif both disagree, and typically the S"A follows their opinion. Nonetheless, the generally accepted practice is like the S"A.


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