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Tefillat Haderech
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Upon seeing an outstanding secular scholar:
Upon seeing a gentile king who rules lawfully, but who cannot be overruled, and who has the power of life and death, the following is recited. Regarding modern-day elected rulers, opinions differ. Most authorities say that the blessing be said without shem and malchut (the name of Hashem and His kingdom):
Upon seeing 600,000 or more Jews together:
Upon one's first meeting with a friend who has recovered from a life-threatening illness: 
Upon seeing a destroyed synagogue:
Upon seeing a destroyed synagogue that has been restored to its previous grandeur (many omit the words in parentheses): 
Upon seeing a place where one had earlier experienced a miracle that saved him from imminent danger (one who experienced such salvation in more than one place during his lifetime must append a roster of the other places to the end of the blessing): 
Upon seeing a place where one's parents, forebears, Torah teacher, or the nation as a whole was miraculously saved from imminent danger: 

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