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The first three blessings of this section may be recited only once each day, unless the skies have cleared completely and then the clouds returned. Except as otherwise indicated, the remaining blessings are recited only if thirty days have elapsed since the phenomenon was last seen. If unsure whether to recite one of the blessings in this section on a particular occasion, recite the blessing, but without shem and malchut, the name of Hashem and His kingdom (words 2 - 6).

Upon seeing lightning:

Upon hearing thunder:

Upon seeing a rainbow in the sky:

Upon experiencing an earthquake, or seeing a comet, exceptionally lofty mountains, or exceptionally large rivers (in their natural course):

Upon seeing the ocean (some authorities include the Mediterranean Sea in this category):

Upon seeing exceptionally beautiful people, trees or fields:

Upon seeing exceptionally strange-looking people or animals:

Upon seeing fruit trees in bloom during the spring (this blessing may be recited only once each year):

Upon seeing an outstanding Torah scholar:

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