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S: Borscht Soup - Onion Soup

Sabr - Soup (Be)

Soup (Bo) - Soup (On)

Soup (Po) - Squa


soup, borscht

  clear or with small beet particles shehakol *6 no bracha *2
  with larger pieces of beet haadama *7

borei nefashos

  with potatoes
    on borscht shehakol  
    on potatoes haadama *8 borei nefashos
soup, cabbage haadama borei nefashos
soup, celery haadama

borei nefashos *2

soup, chicken
  if the noodles are in the majority mezonos al hamichya
  without noodles or vegetables shehakol no bracha *2
  with larger pieces of celery or carrot
    on celery/carrot haadama borei nefashos
    on soup shehakol  

  with small amount of noodles, kneidlech or soup nuts

    on soup shehakol  
    on noodles mezonos *4

al hamichya

soup, corn
  corn kernels in milk

    if corn is in majority

haadama borei nefashos

    if soup is in majority

shehakol borei nefashos *2
  corn kernels in water haadama borei nefashos
soup, cream of mushroom
  with noodles see "noodle soup"
  without noodles shehakol no bracha *2
soup, fruit
  with fruit pieces haeitz borei nefashos
  without significant amount fruit pieces shehakol no bracha *2
soup, leek haadama borei nefashos *2
soup, lentil haadama

borei nefashos

soup, lokshon (noodle soup)

mezonos al hamichya
with only few noodles    
on soup shehakol  
on noodles mezonos *4

al hamichya *2

soup, mushroom shehakol borei nefashos *2
soup, mushroom and barley see "barley soup"
soup, noodle see "soup, lokshon"
soup, onion shehakol no bracha *2


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