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S: Potato Soup - Squash

Sabr - Soup (Be)

Soup (Po) - Squa

The Food Beracha Rishona Beracha Achrona

soup, potato

haadama borei nefashos *2
  cream of potato soup shehakol no bracha *2
soup, rice (white rice)    
  if the rice is the majority mezonos borei nefashos
  if the rice is the minority shehakol borei nefashos *2
soup, split pea haadama borei nefashos *2
soup, tomato (clear) shehakol no bracha *2
soup, tomato and rice
  if rice is in the majority mezonos borei nefashos
  if soup is in the majority shehakol borei nefashos *2
soup, vegetable
  without significant amount of meat haadama borei nefashos
  with a significant amount of meat

    eaten together with soup


borei nefashos

    if vegetables and meat are eaten separately

      on vegetables

haadama borei nefashos

      on meat

soup nuts mezonos al hamichya
sour cherries (cooked) haeitz borei nefashos
sour cream shehakol

borei nefashos

southern fried chicken
  on crust mezonos  
  on chicken shehakol

borei nefashos *1

soya bean haadama borei nefashos
spaghetti mezonos al hamichya
shaphetti and cheese mezonos al hamichya
spaghetti and meatballs
  on spaghetti mezonos al hamichya
  on meatballs shehakol borei nefashos
special k (cereal) mezonos al hamichya
spelt (raw, fresh) haadama borei nefashos
spices shehakol no bracha *3
spinach haadama borei nefashos
split pea soup haadama borei nefashos *2
sponge cake
  without kvias s'udah mezonos al hamichya
  with kvias sudah hamotzee Bircas HaMazon
sprouts haadama borei nefashos
squash (all) haadama borei nefashos


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